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Local Opportunities Outside of School

Please see the tabs below for local opportinites you can participate in outside of school hours.

Art and Design

Art club -  

Arts and crafts club- - This is a teens arts club that is coming soon. - Engineering- they do a youth club, sign up on the website. coding club - sign up on website.

Performing Arts - music maze once a month for pupils in Year 7- Sunday's in CBSO centre. Sign up through website - Young composer- termly, pupils aged 11-14. Sign up through website. - Composing lab for Year 10s upwards - sign up through the website. 

SoundLab project fortnightly in SJW and fortnightly in Birmingham Conservatoire with other schools. See Miss Antonucci for more information or sign up here - - Aston Performing Arts Academy - Theatre Workshop ages 7-17 - The rep theatre, there are 2 different groups for designated ages. 

Local Libraries

Local Libraries 

A library is not just a collection of books; a sanctuary of knowledge and imagination, a gateway to diverse worlds, ideas, and perspectives. It fosters a love for learning, encouraging students to explore beyond textbooks. Libraries are vital in cultivating critical thinking, research skills, and a lifelong passion for reading. Beyond books, our library offers digital resources, fostering technological literacy, and offers services such as book loans, CD rentals, and internet access. 

Why libraries in Birmingham? 

Birmingham's libraries stand as cultural gems, blending historic charm with cutting-edge resources. The city boasts iconic libraries like the Birmingham Library, a masterpiece of modern architecture. These hubs of knowledge celebrate diversity, offering vibrant spaces for learning and community engagement. Birmingham's libraries are a testament to the city's rich literary legacy. 

Find a local library: 

The government website can help you find a library close to you.,CD%20rental%20and%20internet%20access.  

How to apply for a library card: 

Library cards will give you access to all the services offered by the library, in any library, in Birmingham. If you are under 16, you will need to ask a parent, guardian or adult family member to register on your behalf.  

List of local libraries: 

There are 5 libraries which are within 3 miles of Saint John Wall Catholic School: 

Handsworth library - 1.26 miles away. 

Tower Hill library - 1.85 miles away. 

Birchfield library - 2.15 miles away. 

Spring Hill library - 2.53 miles away. 

Aston library - 2.56 miles away. 

Find your local library using this link:  

Careers Advice

National careers service (Job Profiles): 

Use the following link to look at and research different careers.  

National careers service (Skills Check): 

Still unsure what career or course you want to pursue? Use the National Careers Service Skills Check to help you narrow it down.  

National careers service (Find a Course): 

Use the National Careers Service’s ‘find a course’ portal to help you find courses which you would like to study after your time here at Saint John Wall.  


UCAS stands for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It manages the application process for higher education (universities). UCAS provides information about courses, institutions, and entry requirements. Use the link below to learn more about the service, and research the entry requirements for any courses you would like to study in the future.  

Local colleges

Use the link below to find and look at some of the colleges local to you, and in the wider West Midlands region.  

T-levels, A-levels, and Btecs 

There are many different and new routes which are available to pupils after they leave school in the future. Have a look at the comparison between the three most common routes here.  


Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. 

As an apprentice you’ll: 

  • be an employee earning a wage and getting holiday pay 

  • work alongside experienced staff 

  • gain job-specific skills 

  • get time for training and study related to your role (at least 20% of your normal working hours) 

Apprenticeships take 1 to 5 years to complete depending on their level. Find out more about apprenticeships and apply using the links below 

What is an apprenticeship?  

More information about apprenticeships:  

Apply for an apprenticeship:  

Local Youth Groups/Church Groups around Handsworth 

Seven Up Charity 

Provision for up to 13 years old includes holiday playschemes: 
Rookery Children’s Centre, afterschool sessions 
Saturday playschemes, Hamilton Special School 
Youth Club provision for 13- 25 years at ER Mason Young Peoples Centre 

Youth club – Seven Up is an inclusive youth provision. They deliver leisure opportunities to support and develop young peoples social, emotional and physical wellbeing.  

Saturdays - £5 per session. Location – ER Mason Youth Peoples Centre – 40 Irving Street, B1 1DH. 

Website: Seven Up Charity - Creative Play For Young People ( 

Birmingham Youth Service 

Birmingham Youth Service offers a range of activities, projects, and programmes for young people aged 11 years and above in our 16 youth centres around the city. 

Our centres are a safe space for young people to get involved in fun activities and workshops as well as seek help, information and advice on issues that affect them. They are staffed by youth workers who are trusted adults. Young people can come and be themselves, meet new people, socialise with friends, feel safe and enjoy a range of opportunities to get involved in. 

Birmingham Youth Centres: 

Website -  

  • Oakland Young People’s Centre – Oakland Road, Handsworth, B21 0NA. 

Contact: Kalsoom Zubedah-Khan – 0121 464 1709. 

  • Lozells Recreation Group – 2 Graham Street, Lozells, B19 1QY 

Contact: Kalsoom Zubedah-Khan – 0121 464 1709 

  • Soho Youth Projects – Summerfield Centre, Winson Green Road, Winson Green, B18 4EJ 

Contact: Kalsoom Zubedah-Khan – 0121 464 1709 

  • The Lighthouse – 100 Alma Way, Aston, B19 2LN. 

Contact: Kalsoom Zubedah-Khan – 0121 464 170

Eden Foundation 

Website -  

Address – 77 Booth Street, Handworth, B21 0NH. 

Contact – Moulana Mowdud – 07973 631 732 

Eden Foundation Youth Club have been running for over six years and are held on the weekend during term time. There are fun activities and sports game including table tennis, pool table, indoor football and fun arts & crafts and games to play with. 

Saturday Boys Youth Club: Time: 1:30pm – 2:30pm 

Sunday Girls Youth Club: Time: 1:30pm – 2:30pm (Sister Volunteer supervise the girls).

Summerfield Community Centre 

Address – Winson Green Road, Winson Green, B18 4EJ 

Contact – 0121 303 0863. 

Summerfield Community Centre has a live timetable of activities on their website. Different activities include Youth Club and Martial Arts for Children. 

See website for up-to-date activities and more information -  

Handsworth Seventh-Day Adventist Church 

Location: 98 Hutton Road, Handsworth, B20 3RD. 

Contact: 0121 344 3672/0790 388 4273. 

Website -  

This church is in the heart of the Handsworth area and is dedicated to serving the local community.  

This church has lots on offer for youth! Every Saturday they have two Bible Study classes (Sabbath School) that runs for teens 13-17 and Youth 18+. This is a fantastic opportunity for in depth study and discussion. They also have afternoon programs for youth. All are welcome to join! The topics for each program are typically youth related issues.  

Their website outlines some of the past events for their youth programmes – Queen’s Jubilee, Fun Family Walk. 

St John the Evangelist Church – Perry Barr 

Address – Church Road, Perry Barr, B42 2LB 

Contact - 0121 356 7998 

Website -  

St John the Evangelist has a thriving Youth Club for 7–15-year-olds which meets on Thursdays during term time (and some holidays) from 5.30pm-7.30pm.  Come along and join in basketball, football, board games, video games (x-box) arts and crafts and a whole range of special workshops (self-defence, martial arts, self-esteem).  Attendance is free.  Please complete a registration form on your first visit (with medical and emergency contact details).  All our volunteers are DBS-checked, and most of them are First Aid trained.