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BBC Young Reporter

Pupil Comments

“We interviewed Mr Patel and Mr Bakshi on how important health and hygiene is important in our lives. the skills I learnt were to research good questions and that I forgot about the camera when it was there. I found it very interesting and fun interviewing others about different skills and different people. Me and Justin got some very good and interesting answers.  Being a presenter I think that I can do it and it is good because you can learn new skills and learn about different people and their opinions”. 

By David Kadzik 7BRS

“During the recording, I felt very nervous about stuttering and all those similarities, but when I finished, I was looking forward to more. All I want is to overcome my fear of talking since I get really under pressure. I am really thankful for being in the BBC project since I have the opportunity of talking. I'm also thankful of the people I interviewed, Mrs Chand and Miss Young, and I'm thankful for working with Amira and Elana. I learnt the skills of researching, interviewing and building my confidence”.

By Naomi Kunova 7BRS

“It was a wonderful experience; I would recommend pupils taking part next year.  If you are confident then this project will be a happy experience”.

By Elana Harris 7HAL

“I thought the interview we did was good and the experiences was really interesting especially since it really boosted my confidence. We did activities like researching, teamwork and being a presenter.

On the day we recorded the video interviewing Miss Young and Mrs Chand and the camera was  running, I was really confident and proud of myself”.

By Amira Akhtar 7HEA