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BBC Young Reporter

Pupil Comments

“When doing the BBC project, I learned about how to interview people. I also learned how to learn words fluently. I researched about mental health, made a script with my partners (Natnael and Sidia) and interviewed Mrs Chand and Mr Lysaght. I interviewed them about mental health and practiced for various weeks. I really enjoyed doing the BBC project and hope to do it in the future.”

By Jason Nguyen 7RAH

During the BBC Young Reporter project, I have learnt about how to work a camera and I learnt about mental health.  I enjoyed being the cameraman and doing research with my friends. Overall I think this has taught me how to work in a team and how to bring a story together.”

By Sidia Saidy 7LEV

“What I have learned during the BBC project is to work as a team and to be brave while I had to speak in front of the camera and I felt nervous during the interview.  I also felt excited but I really enjoyed it.”

By Natnael Desta 7ESM

“The BBC Project was interesting, me, Betelehem and Dilianne was interviewing Miss Cummings and Miss Antonucci. We were asking questions about our SJW Values and how they impact our lives. 

We learnt many skills like how to research questions for the teachers and how to speak with clear communication and how to write a formal and understanding questions.”

By Asia-Lei Waller 7ESM

“When beginning the project, I was looking forward to interviewing and taking the time to research and learn about the journalism world. I was also excited for having time with my friends and being able to do this as a group.

During our BBC Young Reporter project, we have had the chance to think about and discuss different topics which are important to the school, and the two main ones we decided on were mental health and the SJW values. My group decided on the topic of the SJW values. We then did research and discussed what we think would be key during the interview. We jotted all our ideas down on a word document and began to further brainstorm our ideas. During this process, I’ve learnt things which will help me in my future at Saint John Wall, and I was excited to be able to share this knowledge further.

We wrote all our information and questions ourselves in preparation of the interview day, and practised prior. Then, on the day, we set up a camera, and whilst feelings excited and nervous, began the recording and started the interview. It went great; we had good answers from our teachers and the journalists had no trouble speaking confidently and well. I have enjoyed this project a lot and would like to thank all the teachers who took part in helping us: especially Mr Mull, Miss Cummings and Miss Antonucci!”

By Betelehem Eyob-Germai 7RAH

My experience as a young reporter has been fun, hard work and full of creativity. As a young reporter I've learnt about people’s different perspectives and thoughts, it took a lot of research which was worth it! Being a reporter helped me think about the SJW Values and about how staff and pupils can follow them. Being on camera as a reporter made me think about tone, pronunciation and thinking before you speak because you don’t want to say the wrong things on camera or just in general. The two girls I worked with on this project have been a huge help to the scripts, speech and ideas and so has Mr Mull. Being a young reporter helped show how much the school cares. My entire journey as a young reporter shows that I'm around an amazing community.”

By Dilianne Levande 7REG