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Ethos - Mission Statement

Mission Statement


'To educate…

Our skilled teachers and support staff live out their vocation to serve and teach children and young people at Saint John Wall Catholic School.

each and every…

We are ‘A Catholic School For All’ and we welcome pupils from each and every diverse background, faith and culture into the Saint John Wall community.

unique child…

We value human dignity and recognise every child as a unique individual made in the image of God.

in our care…

We provide high levels of care within a respectful and disciplined environment to safeguard children’s wellbeing, welfare and safety.

to hear

We instil SJW values and encourage spiritual, moral, social, cultural and emotional personal development so that our young people are open to hear God’s calling.

and respond We foster our young people’s gifts and talents so they are equipped with skills, knowledge and qualifications to create opportunities to be able to respond to God’s calling.

to what God calls them to be.'

Taking Jesus Christ as a role-model we help pupils understand what God calls them to be; informed and responsible citizens whose vocation in life contributes to peace, tolerance, justice and service in both our local community and wider society.