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Creating a New My Child At School Account

Thank you for supporting your child at Saint John Wall Catholic School by taking advantage of our unique app where you can monitor the progress and successes of your child/children at Saint John Wall Catholic School.

To set up your account for the first time please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Complete all three sections using the details below (using capitals where necessary):
  • School ID: 13448
  • Username: Sent via Email/Text message
  • Invitation code: Sent via Email/Text message
  1. Tick “ I’m not a robot” and press “Redeem Code”
  2. Now that the Invitation Code and Username have been redeemed, the screen will update and the you must now enter a VALID Email Address and then CREATE a Password which you will use to log in once this step is completed.

Note: The Email is only used for recovery purposes, it is NOT used to log in to MCAS.

  1. Once an Email and strong Password are entered, press “Save Account Details”.
  2. Now you will be redirected to the login screen where you can enter:
  • School ID: 13448
  • Username (this is NOT email): Sent via Email/Text message
  • Password: (created during the previous step)

Press “Login”

Note: Many parents think they need to enter their Email Addresses here, which is a common issue when parents cannot log in.

  1. Now you will be taken through to your MCAS Account where you can see MCAS for your child/children.
  2. Now you can login with the same details on the mobile phone app. To download the app on Play store/App store, simply search MCAS or mychildatschool and install.


For any issues please contact the School Office. If you would like more information about logging in please contact the school for a parent guide.