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Year 6

Headteacher Message

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Miss Marston

"I am really pleased that you will be joining us in September to take the next steps on your educational journey at Saint John Wall Catholic School.  We are a Catholic School For All and we welcome pupils and their families from all cultural and faith backgrounds, whilst encouraging you to actively participate in our Catholic Ethos. Click here to see my full message about the school's mission and ethos".

Your Head of Year

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Mrs Ellis

"Hello! My name is Mrs Ellis and I will be your Head of Year from September. I am really excited to meet each and every one of you. 
You'll be able to find me in school within the Head of Year Office which is close to our main Reception and the playground. You are always welcome to come and see me for a chat and to help me get to know you better. Don't forget if you have any questions about what school life is like you can email us on and we will do our best to give you the answer that you need!" Stay safe!

Meet your Form Teachers

"Hello, I am Mr Cockburn and I teach Geography at Saint John Wall. I originally come from Manchester and my favourite food is Yorkshire puddings. I love spending time outdoors, going kayaking watching live music. I hope you all have a wonderful Summer, and I can't wait to welcome you to our school!"

"Hello, my name is Ms Forbes and I am a science teacher, you can find me in room 17 along the science corridor with a smiley face. I love teaching because I can inspire and help students build self-esteem, believe in themselves and their ability to learn, no matter their background or abilities. Being a teacher gives me the chance to inspire children to think beyond their comfort zones and challenge them to reach their fullest potential.
During my spare time I like spending time with my family and interior designing.

I look forward to meeting you all in September and being a part of your educational journey."

"I am Mr Pejatta and having qualified as maths teacher in 2009, I have taught KS3 and KS4 to the highest level and believe every child has untapped maths potential. Part of my teaching is removing any barriers to learning and to encourage fluency in Mathematics so that children can experience the joy of maths and make it count! In my spare time I’m a devoted father and enjoy organising trips and adventures out. I enjoy watching football and support West Bromwich Albion and My favourite food is fish and chips accompanied with a cuppa of tea!" 

"My name is Mr Hayaat, and I am a science teacher at SJW. I have been living on Birmingham for a year now, but I am originally from a city called Bradford, in Yorkshire (God's own country), so sorry if I speak with a weird accent. I was a chemist before teaching, which means that I did loads of experiments, and it made me absolutely love science! My favourite colour is yellow (Although it kind of doesn't matter because I'm colour blind, and get it confused with green all the time), and my favourite animal is a cat, because, honestly, they're just a mood."

"My name is Mrs Pawlowska, and I am very excited about being your form tutor at Saint John Wall School and I can’t wait to learn all about you, but first I will tell you a little about me.

I was born in Poland, where I got my Master Degree in Economy and in Education. After that I moved to England and I have decided to be a teacher.

I have been working in Saint John Wall School as a Maths teacher for 5 years and I love my job. I can’t wait to know you better."

Staff you will see on a regular basis


Mrs Crooks

"My name is Mrs Crooks, and I have the pleasure of supporting you throughout your time at SJW. My job is Assistant Principal in charge of your welfare and behaviour, which means i will be involved in supporting you in your attitude towards learning, rewarding you when you working well and having regular contact with home.
You can find my office off the main corridor...I have a massive window so I can see you all walking pass at lesson change over.
I also teach Music at SJW, and I am excited about getting to know you in my classroom too! So come and say hi!"

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Miss Timmins

"Hello, my name is Miss Timmins and I am an Associate Assistant Principal – Personal development, behaviour and attendance. I look at your behaviour, attendance and punctuality. I make sure that you are in school everyday, on time and you are following the school rules".

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Miss Guest

"Hello, my name is Miss Guest and I am one of the Assistant Principals at Saint John Wall Catholic School. I work closely with Mrs Adams and the teaching assistants to support our SEND pupils".


Mrs Adams

"Hi, I'm Mrs Adams and I am the SEND and Early Intervention Co-ordinator at St John Wall. My role involves supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs. I will help set up support for you in your lessons or in special clubs.
I am looking forward to working with you when you join us. If you have any worries then come and find me in T-Block and I will try to help you".

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Mrs Kawecka

"My name is Mrs Kawecka. I work as EAL Coordinator at SJW. EAL stands for English as Additional Language so if you speak any other language than English, you will probably come across me at school. Mainly, I look at ways to support pupils whose English may not be very great and they may struggle in class. I also help pupils to pass GCSE exams in their home languages such as: Polish, Arabic, Spanish, German and many other. Hope to see you soon in our school. Do zobaczenia wkrótce".


Miss J Hanson

"My Name is Miss Hanson. I help pupils and parents with their attendance and punctuality. I put competitions and prizes together for pupils who have excellent attendance. I also speak with pupils and parents who may need support with getting to school every day on time. One of my other jobs is looking after trips and visits. Pupils are able to come to see me in the reception area if they have any questions. I really enjoy working at the school and I am looking forward to seeing you all in September".

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Mrs Nayyar

"Hello, my name is Mrs Nayyar, I am the Office Manager and I work in the school office. I work very hard in the background ensuring that when you arrive here in September, everything is in place for a smooth transition.  I hope that you will enjoy your time here at Saint John Wall Catholic School".



House Introduction

"Hi, I would like to introduce myself, Miss Cummings, as the school House Activities Co-ordinator. I am very excited to be organising a range of fun activities for you all to get involved in a representing a house. When you arrive, you will be put into one of the following houses: John Paul, Pankhurst, Mandela, Luther King and Gandhi this will be your house throughout your time at SJW and each year you will have a chance to take part in a wide range of activities to earn points for your house and the winning house gets to go on a trip! A point system is put together alongside class charts to decide these results. You can also exchange your points for prizes such as footballs, stationary and other goodies! 

I aim to organise a variety of events such as sports, themed arts and crafts events at Christmas and Easter alongside various subject specific quizzes throughout the year. Each house will have a pupil leader to help push and motivate your individual house to succeed. At the end of the year, we take part in huge sports day off site where there are numerous opportunities for you to gain points for your house. This is an amazing opportunity we offer at SJW and even if you don't feel comfortable taking part in activities straight away you can still represent your house through by earning points throughout your school day for example showing good behaviour and being helpful in your lessons.  I look forward to meeting you all in September for a year of fun and competition. Let the best house win 2021-2022.'



Important Information 

At Saint John Wall Catholic School, we take time to educate the whole child not just academically but in life skills too.  We strive to be eloquent, compassionate, generous and truthful.  These are just some of the St John Wall Values that we practise with our pupils encouraging them to grow into successful members of the community.

Here at Saint John Wall Catholic School we take attendance very seriously.  We have had excellent attendance figures for many years and are proud to say that we are ahead of our target again this year.  Our excellent attendance figures go hand in hand with excellent pupil progress and outcomes. 


To ensure that we continue to meet our weekly and yearly targets, and to ensure you reach your full potential, we need your parents/carers help:

  • If your child is absent due to sickness, please call the school on 0121 554 1825 before 8.40am.
  • If your child needs a medical appointment, please try your best to make it outside of school hours.
  • Holidays are not allowed in school term time, so please do not book them! If you need to know term dates, please check the school website or contact the school office.


Punctuality is also important at Saint John Wall Catholic School.  The law requires you to ensure you are in school on time.  Registration starts at 8.55am, so you should be in the school grounds by 8.50am.  If you arrive late, you will be given a late mark and a 15-minute detention at morning break time.  Two or more late marks in one week will result in a one-hour detention on a Friday after school.  If you accrue 10 late marks, you will join the 75 Club, where you will serve break time detention, and an hour after school, each day you are late.  Members of the 75 Club will also not be allowed on trips, until punctuality shows a significant improvement.  If you arrive after 9.30am, this will be recorded as Unauthorised Absence for the morning, in accordance with government guidelines.  Please ensure you leave home in plenty time for a punctual start to the day.

How to get to school - click here for directions

Uniform and Equipment

Saint John Wall Catholic School is a uniform school.  Pupils are expected to wear full school uniform at all times.  Pupils are likely to be sent home to change if they are not correctly dressed for school, sent to the St Francis Centre or given spare uniform in school to borrow.

We all come to school dressed for the business of education.  This is explained to parents at their induction interview.  We are proud of our school and of our uniform.  When we wear our uniform correctly, it is an outward sign that we are proud to belong to the Saint John Wall School community.

Gogna Schoolwear

School Uniform can be purchased from Gogna Schoolwear which is located on: 67/69 Rookery Road, Birmingham. B21 9QU - Tel: 0121 523 5572 Fax: 0121 681 6828

(Social distancing measures in place - The shop has had a complete refit at Rookery Rd shop in order to facilitate Government guidelines.  Hand sanitisers, floor markings, 2m distances, all staff are wearing visors and regular cleaning all round the store).

All pupils are encouraged to take pride in their personal appearance.  The Leadership team and the Pastoral team reserve the right to take appropriate action to ensure all pupils dress appropriately (including makeup, jewellery, hairstyles) to enhance the reputation and reinforce the ethos of Saint John Wall Catholic School.

Pupils are expected to bring to school every day the following equipment in a suitably sized bag/rucksack:
pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, exercise books and equipment/kit relevant to a particluar subject.




There are only two options:-

  • Stay for school dinners on site
  • Stay for packed lunch on site

Please note pupils are not allowed off site at lunchtime

The school canteen provides lunch for the majority of our pupils, and a place to eat their own packed lunch should they wish. Items of food are individually priced and £3.00 will be sufficient for lunch and may even provide a snack at break-time. Pupils will still be able to bring in money and use their finger print to add money to their account

If your child qualifies for free school meals, s/he will be issued with a daily amount of £2.30 which will be put onto their account. Please contact the school office for details if you do not currently receive free school meals and feel that you might be eligible.

In an attempt to remove all cash and cheques from school we are asking all parents to only use our e-payment method ‘ParentPay’ to pay for your child’s dinner money. This can be done online using a very secure website or in cash at local stores where you see the PayPoint logo. You will be given more information and a log in when your child starts the school.

Frequently asked questions:

What Do I Do If...

If my child is ill

Please telephone the school immediately and leave a message with the school secretary.  Kindly send your child with a letter explaining their absence when they return.

If my child will be late for school due to a medical appointment

Please telephone the school immediately and leave a message with the school secretary.

If I am concerned about my child’s welfare

Contact the school and arrange through a school secretary for an appointment to see a teacher.  This may be the Head of Year in the first instance.  If you just call in at school, the chance of you seeing a teacher would be very rare as they spend most of the week teaching and cannot leave class.

If I am concerned about my child’s progress

Although there will be a parent’s consultation evening in the first term and a further one in May after you have received a report, please contact the school. The Head of Year can arrange an interim report (allow 2 weeks) if needed and will be available to meet with you.

If I am concerned about my child’s uniform

Please send your child to school with a note if any item of uniform is missing.  It will help if you can give a date or time by which the missing item will be replaced. We will lend your child items of uniform if they have either lost it or left it at home, it will need to be returned to Miss Pop at the end of the day.

If my child has lost an item of equipment

A lost property service is available and your child should consult with the member of staff responsible. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of items of clothing or equipment by your child but will do our best to assist if time is available.

If I have any complaints about the Curriculum

If parents have complaints about the curriculum they should in the first instance refer them to the Headteacher who will deal with them in accordance with procedures of the 1988 Education Act.

If my child brings a mobile phone to school

If your child is caught with a mobile phone it is likely to be confiscated for five school days or until a parent collects it.  Your child must ensure that their phone is switched off and put in their bag.

Is my child allowed to wear jewellery and make-up to school

Jewellery is not allowed to be worn. If ears are pierced, only ONE small plain gold or silver stud in each ear, in the lobe and no other part of the ear.  Nose/eyebrow studs and any other body studs/rings/bars are NOT allowed.  Make-up, nail varnish and long/false nails are NOT allowed. Tattoos are NOT allowed.

Items banned from school

Certain items are prohibited in school these are – knives or weapons whether real or replica, alcohol, illegal drugs and stolen items whether real or replica. This includes a member of staff reasonably suspects has been, or is likely to be, used to commit an offence, or to cause personal injury to, or damage to the property of any person. If for any reason pupils need to be searched, school staff can search pupils with their consent for any item which is banned by the school rules. Pupils can be searched where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that they are in possession of a prohibited item (see above). Pupils can be searched on the school premises or, if elsewhere, where the member of staff has lawful charge of the pupil (e.g. on a school trip or at a sporting fixture). This information is taken from our Behaviour Policy.

Any headwear unless it is for a religious observance, Baseball caps, Tight fashion trousers/skinny trousers, Hooded tops, Logos on clothing/decoration on trousers, Skirts with slits/tight fashion or stretchy skirts/zips at the back, Studded/decorative belts, Trainers, Boots, unless they can be worn under trousers, Pouches.  Hats and hoods are NOT allowed to be worn indoors.


You can view our school policies which are available by clicking here

How to help with those first few weeks - information for parents/carers

  • Show your confidence in your child so that they believe in their own confidence. Avoid taking over tasks that they can do themselves – it can sometimes be hard to hold back on trying to help.
  • Be ready to listen, but don’t expect your, “how has your day been?” end-of-day question to be answered. Just be there when your child wants to talk, so that if they have a tough day or a worry, they know you are available.
  • If your child feels they are being bullied or tells you of a circumstance that you consider to be bullying, contact the school for a confidential conversation to deal with this.
  • Welcome their new friends into your home and make them feel at ease
  • Subtly increase your child’s independence with practical experiences such as popping out to the shops or getting them to take more responsibilities like getting their own school uniform ready.
  • Practise the journey to school, particularly if it involves public transport or a new route to walk.
  • Make sure they get to bed in good time without any electronic devices, and they have a water bottle and a healthy snack for topping up during their school day too – the first week will be very tiring.

Useful Resources

Transition Activities