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The Saint John Wall Catholic School uniform shows that pupils are part of an organisation. Wearing it says “we’re all in this together” and part of team Saint John Wall.  Also, if you wear your uniform with pride, it means you are half way there to being respectful; buying into what the organisation is all about.  Uniforms also give pupils a sense of belonging and create an identity for the school in the community.  On that note, please note that “Hooded Jumpers”, Caps, Trainers and boots are not part of the Saint John Wall uniform policy.

Gogna Schoolwear

School Uniform can be purchased from Gogna Schoolwear which is located on: 67/69 Rookery Road, Birmingham. B21 9QU - Tel: 0121 523 5572 Fax: 0121 681 6828 

St John Wall Catholic School | Uniform | Gogna

All pupils are encouraged to take pride in their personal appearance.  The Leadership team and the Pastoral team reserve the right to take appropriate action to ensure all pupils dress appropriately (including makeup, jewellery, hairstyles) to enhance the reputation and reinforce the ethos of Saint John Wall Catholic School.

Pupils are expected to bring to school every day the following equipment in a suitably sized bag/rucksack:
pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, exercise books and equipment/kit relevant to a particluar subject.

You can view our full Uniform policy below: