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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a fundamental part of our school day. Each pupil has the opportunity to celebrate in the form of collective worship daily, either as a form class or year group. Collective worship allows all members of our school community, pupils and staff, to reflect upon our own personal journey, our vocation, as well as our mission as a school. Pupils are also provided with Masses at the start of each term and a service at the end of each term. 

Collective Worship is often led by the Head of Year focusing on a variety of themes including Careers Week, Anti-bullying & Remembrance. This is always rooted within the Catholic faith, using Sunday's Gospel reading to support reflection.

To enhance the spiritual development of our pupils, there will also be Masses as a form which take place in the chapel. These Masses will allow the pupils to take a more active role in Mass and to celebrate the Eucharist as a smaller group. 

Beginning of term Mass is celebrated by all year groups together.  

Class and Year Masses - Every pupil in our school has either a class Mass in our chapel or a year Mass in the hall. Year 10 and 11 have a Year Mass at some point during the year while Year 9, 8 and 7 have a class Mass.

Throughout the year, we celebrate Mass for special feast days and celebrations such as Advent and Epiphany. In these Masses, pupils from a variety of years offer to take part in the Mass in a variety of ways, such as reading, serving and taking part in the offertory. All of the pupils who volunteer for these roles treat them with reverence and respect.

End of term service is celebrated and combined with an affirmation service to tell our pupils just how unique and special they are.

Reconciliation services are held during Advent and Lent for all pupils. 

Mass will always be put on our school calendar for those pupils and parents who wish to know when Mass will be held.