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The Christian values of love, understanding and respect for others are at the heart of the Catholic ethos of Saint John Wall Catholic School. Our belief in Christ shapes our values and, practically, this means that we believe in providing a safe, caring and disciplined environment in which all our students are given every opportunity to achieve.

As a Catholic school we take these beliefs and values very seriously and we aim to encourage pupils and staff to come together to reflect upon and reinforce our common faith.

At the centre of our school mission is our desire to provide a Catholic education to all of our young people, irrespective of their gender, race or cultural heritage. The success of this endeavour depends on the commitment of all staff and pupils but it is orchestrated by the tireless energy of the Religious Studies Department.


The chapel at our school is used on a daily basis to allow our motto 'A Catholic School For All' to truly be seen. The chapel is open at lunch times for all pupils to take part in a range of activities and emerge themselves in the spirituality of the school. The chapel is also used by pupils for all faiths to pray thus ensuring that all the spiritual needs of our pupils are met.

Chaplaincy Team

Head of Religious Education and Head of Catholic Life

Mr Lloyd-Price is the Head of Religious Education at Saint John Wall Catholic School.  As well as encouraging the Catholic ethos he also promotes the education and understanding of multi-faith groups. Mr Lloyd-Price is also in charge of the strategic planning of the Catholic Life of Saint John Wall School. Catholic Life is promoted through the prayer life of the school including Worship days, Cultural Capital Days and retreats.

Our School Lay Chaplain/Head of Year 7

Mrs Ellis is our Lay Chaplain and Head of Year 7,through liaising with both staff and pupils on a number of activities, she is able to organise various Liturgies for mass and seasonal celebrations as well as coordinating charity events and prayer resources. As Head of Year 7, she helps the students who are new to this Catholic community, ensuring they have a smooth transition from primary to secondary school. 

Chaplaincy Support

Mrs Clayton provides chaplaincy support and works alongside Mr Lloyd-Price and Mrs Ellis to promote our Catholic Ethos. She works with pupils by exploring our SJW Values and how they will help in our later life. Mrs Clayton also helps to support our celebration of world religious events and pupil lead charity events. Working with Mrs Clayton, is her dog Dougal. Dougal comes in once a week to help us all understand what it means to have a pet. He also helps pupils with their wellbeing and mental health. 

Assistant Principal for Pastoral Care and Safeguarding/Music Teacher

Mrs Crooks supports the Chaplaincy Team by reinforcing the schools religious ethos through the medium of music. Mrs Crooks is also the Assistant Principal for Pastoral Care and Safeguarding and has a huge involvement in both school masses and services alongside making pupils feel welcome and safe in this Catholic community.