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Catholic Life across the Curriculum

At Saint John Wall, we believe that all human beings are created in the image of God, and that each one shares in God’s purpose to bring life and allow creation to flourish.  This underpins the work and nature of the school, and is endorsed in our mission statement.

'To educate each and every unique child in our care, to hear and respond to what God calls them to be'

We are a Catholic School for All and as such we welcome all pupils of all faiths and religious backgrounds. Across our broad and balanced curriculum, we ensure all pupils have the opportunity to respond to what God calls them to be.

In addition to this, to support the Catholic life of the school, each department has been allocated its own Saint. Each Saint links to the aims of the subject and often, it may be the subject’s Patron Saint. This Saint acts as a role model to pupils in that subject.

Each department also has a vocations poster which lists the vocations, careers and future opportunities linking to their subject content.

Departments promote the SJW Values during their lessons, this can be seen in the Quality of Education folders. Many departments link this to their lesson activities, in their starter or plenary.

This year, our Catholic Life theme is focusing on joining back together as a community after lockdown. We encourage all departments to promote this across their subject area.

Termly Themes


Grateful & Generous

Light in the darkness


Faith Filled & Hopeful

Hope for the future


Curious & Active

Joy of Living