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Saint John Wall Catholic School

A Catholic School For All

Development Homework

January 2021
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Mission Statement

Saint John Wall Catholic School

'Fortes in Fide - Strong in Faith'

Mission Statement


'To educate…

Saint John Wall Catholic School provides an education based on the Christian values of mutual respect, love and understanding. Our aim is to create a Catholic community in which the development of faith is paramount and in which a community of prayer can flourish.

each and every…

As a Catholic school our aim is to develop the whole person through encouraging young people to appreciate and realise their God-given potential whatever their ability, gender, race or cultural heritage.

unique child…

Each pupil in Saint John Wall Catholic School is recognised as a special individual with their own unique potential for physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual development.

in our care…

The care we provide is the provision of a safe, respectful and disciplined environment in which engaging and challenging learning can take place. We have high expectations that our young people can develop the skills they need for a happy and successful life in the 21st Century. 

to hear and respond

As a Catholic school we want our young people to hear and respond to the values of human dignity, peace, tolerance, justice and service. In this way they will grow into informed and responsible citizens in both our local community and global society.

to what God calls them to be.'

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ himself gave us the gospel values to which we aspire. It is essential that these -values which are called the Beatitudes are heard and responded to by all.